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Information about construction companies and residential projects

In the event that you have subscribed to Refox as a manager, worker or official in a residential project, or affiliated with a marketing company whose mission is to sell real estate located in this residential project, your subscription to Refox implicitly includes your consent to share the information placed by you or your team that you gave Access to Refox, with all users of real estate brokerage companies, so that they can browse and search within them and communicate with you to achieve profits for them and yourself or your company.

Residential projects information and prices are not shared with other residential projects and their employees, and they can only use Refox to enter their project information separately from you and without the authority to view or modify other residential project information.

In other words, Refox is a platform where residential projects enter information in cooperation with our team, so that real estate brokerage companies can easily find these options.


Real estate brokerage information

Refox system does not mean to share the information that users enter with any party, and does not make any profits from it, but only means to save this information in a proper way so that each user can return to personal information that he entered at any time.


Personal information

If you enter your company information, personal information, email and phone number, this will only be used by our team to communicate with you only when necessary, and we will not share this information with any party, whatever a company or person for any of the goals.


Customer information

Refox system contains two main parts, the first of which is the projects that brokerage companies can review without the possibility of modification, and you are free to use this information to provide it to your customers as you wish.

Also Refox can contain a customer relationship management system CRM, and its use is not compulsory in principle, and the amount of information added to it is controlled by you as a user of the real estate system Refox.

In both cases, the information on REFOX website are completely protected and secure, and Refox pledges to all customers to ensure the security of all the information entered.


Information security against third parties

The Refox system adopts advanced protection methods to protect the information and the site from any external copying attempt. The technology used is the latest, so you can ensure that no external bots or hackers can copy the site and users information.


Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

Any dispute between you and Refox regarding the privacy of the site will be subject to the jurisdiction of the courts of the Republic of Turkey only, and this policy is in accordance with the laws of the Turkish government in general, and is in accordance with them.

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