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Refox is the first real estate search engine with modern technologies

What is Refox?

REFOX is a limited company, established in Turkey as REFOX İnşaat Sanayi İç Ve Dış Ticaret Limited Şirketi, which is located in the Republic of Turkey, and was incorporated with commercial registration number 339429-5.


Refox's field of work

Refox is interested in providing information about real estate projects in Turkey and Istanbul in particular, so that through our website Refox.co information, prices, photos and videos of real estate projects in Istanbul are obtained, while ensuring that these prices are constantly updated and new projects are added constantly .


Refox company staff

Refox Real Estate team is made up of a group of experts and practitioners in the field of real estate, and the only aim of our team is to provide the right information fetched from the source and from sales representatives in every residential project that is included in the Refox Projects system.


Mission of Our Team

Our team takes upon itself the task of facilitating the work of real estate companies in Turkey, where the time for searching, filtering and selecting the appropriate properties for the relevant clients is shortened, thus reducing the burden on company owners, especially on the managers of the call center team, real estate product managers, and thus shortening the time spent on Collecting project information and then entering into a cycle of continuous updating.


Facilitating the work of real estate companies and customer service teams is our main goal, which is why we spare no effort in developing our services or improve the way users benefit from Refox.



Refox team seeks to make real estate work linked to an easy and comfortable system for all users, including employees and workers in real estate companies, and facilitating the work of these companies with their employees is our main goal, and this is through a set of information and tools that everyone who wants to subscribe to Refox can check in its updated image By contacting us.

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